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Audio Engineer / Designer / Consultant



My professional sound career started about 25 years ago, but really, I started rewiring speakers and stereos when I was 11 or so. My passion for music and theatre gave me a natural pathway into audio engineering, and over the years I've done just about everything imaginable in both studio and live audio. Those experiences and challenges made me the solid engineer, designer, consultant, and all-around sound geek that I am now.

Selected Employment

Owner / Chief Engineer



  • Freelance consultant, installer, designer, recording engineer, producer, etc.

Department Head—Sound & Video

Indiana Repertory Theatre


  • Heading staff of 3 to 5 engineers.
  • Managing inventory, labor, budget, and scheduling.

  • Consulting and designing upgrade installations.

  • Facilitating technical and artistic needs of guest artists.

Resident Sound Designer

Indianapolis Shakespeare Company


(formerly: Heartland Actors Repertory Theatre)​

  • Designing and maintaining sound system.

  • Hiring and training of crew.

indyshakes logo.png

FOH Engineer / Audio Master

San Diego Repertory Theatre


  • Hiring, scheduling, and overseeing daily operations

  • Loading in and operating all sound systems as needed

  • Providing live mix for thousands of performances of all types.