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I joined the living on Earth in the late 1960s. Born in southern New Mexico, quickly moved to Oklahoma, landed in the DC area (Springfield, VA) about three years later. Mostly what I remember from these years is that I liked Batman (the campy TV version) and motorcycles. I think it was '75 when we relocated to California. I grew up there, in San Diego. I discovered sports and knew I would be a famous athlete someday.
When I was 8, my mom took me to see Help and A Hard Days Night at the public library. It was my first exposure to the Beatles. I was so excited by the music that I begged to hear more when I got home. She let me wear my dad's "off-limits" headphones and listen to a record. I think it's fair to say that was the night that I chose my direction in life. Of course I didn't realize that until much later, but I had all at once discovered music, stereophonic sound & quality hi-fi gear, recording arts, and songwriting.
I started playing the drums soon after.
In 4th grade my sister was in the school play. I was enamored. I wanted to do that too. The next year I had a supporting role. I was 10. It was the most fun ever. The following year I got the lead role. I still wanted to be a sports star, but I was definitely going to be an actor and a rock star in the off season.
I saved my paper route money and bought a drum set when I was 12. I played music and acted as much as I could through jr. high school. Then, in 1983, I moved back to DC (Arlington, VA) to start high school.
I immediately got to work starting a band. I began teaching myself guitar and piano, and started writing songs. That band went through several iterations over the years and culminated in getting hired to write and record 2 songs for a Mothers Against Drunk Driving event. This was my first time in a recording studio. I was 18 and on top of the world. You can hear music from that session here.
Concurrent to the musical adventures I remained focused on theatre. I mostly acted, but began to show serious interest in the technical side. I wrote a couple of songs for plays and I produced the talent show my senior year--drawing me closer to the production side of things.
Fast forward a couple of years, back in San Diego, playing in bands when I could find them. Not much theatre. Not much time. Not much money. Moved to San Francisco in 1990--another band, another job. Lived in Vegas for 2 years--more bands, more jobs, still flat broke. Back to San Diego in 1992. I never stopped writing music and playing guitar. I didn't need money for that.
After a couple of years I started acquiring basic gear to start recording some of my music. I also started piecing together a drumset again--hadn't played in a few years. 
Around the same time, one day I walked into a community theatre that I never new existed, talked my way into running sound for their next show. Two days later the director called me and asked me if I could fill a role suddenly vacated by an actor. Two days after that we opened and ran for five weeks. I had the bug again.
The weeks following that I called or visited every theatre in the San Diego area looking for work, any kind of work. I got an interview for a part time box-office job, and landed my first sound design gig--even though I had no idea what sound design was.
The interview led to me meeting one of the tech guys at the theatre who asked me to come hang lights for a coupe of shifts. I never worked in the box-office but I started a 7 year stint at the San Diego Rep during which time I quickly moved from lighting over to sound, then became lead engineer/mixer, then Head of Sound, then Resident Sound Designer.
During those years I worked my ass off. I also took on as much freelance design work as possible. I still continued writing and recording music, slowly, when there was time. I also got to play some music gigs here and there--mostly theatre related, playing for shows.
So in 2002, after another 10 years in San Diego, a nationwide job search landed me in Indianapolis as Resident Sound Designer at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. I have continued to freelance all over the country. Musical opportunities opened up for me again and my home studio/audio business--LostSound--was launched in 2005. I've played countless gigs in numerous bands, I've designed and/or composed nearly 100 shows at IRT alone, while heading up their audio/video department. In 2012 I joined the Indianapolis Shakespeare Company (formerly H.A.R.T.) as Resident Sound Designer/Composer.
In recent years I have grown as an artist, a musician, a sound geek. More importantly I have grown as a person. I have beaten down my demons, leveled my head, settled down with the love of my life and I couldn't be a happier human.
Always looking forward to what is next. Grateful for what I have.
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