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"Todd Reischman's sound and Trevor Norton's lighting are used to smooth the wide-ranging tonal changes, encompassing the frivolity of present celebration, the poignancy of Scrooge's past and the ominousness of a massive, dark spirit of Christmas future."
"Sultry Caribbean music, courtesy of sound designer Todd Reischman, underscores the reading of George's flowery letters."
"Sound Designer Todd Reischman's opening beats immediately jar the audience to attention with the loud, thumping music."
"Todd Mack Reischman designed the sound. The musical interludes are paradoxically jagged and smooth, intriguing and inviting, jazzy but not. I wish I knew who created and performed them." 
"Todd M Reischman's percussion-saturated soundtrack rooted the action in a primitive environment where civilized strife must play out."
"...And always keep your ears tuned to the music--Todd Reischman's composition is ethereal."
"Todd M. Reischman's sound design underscores the stage effects with a shifting score of tones and rhythms that keep the dance flowing to the final curtain."
Todd Mack Reischman's sound design seamlessly integrates the musical styles as yet another layer of art."
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